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The Ultimate Guide to Airbnb Property Management

Through the power of Airbnb, property owners are empowered to earn supplemental income from an underutilized asset: their homes. And by income, we mean hundreds of dollars a month!

Check out these figures from Airbnb analytics site AirDNA:

– Private Room in Toronto: 50% of Toronto Airbnb hosts earn $550 or more a month.

– Entire Home in Toronto: 50% of Toronto Airbnb hosts earn $900 or more a month.

– Entire Home in Vancouver: 50% of Vancouver Airbnb hosts earn $1,160 a month.

– Private Room in Montreal: 50% of Montreal Airbnb hosts earn $700 a month or more.

What would you do with kind of extra cash? For me, I’d buy a beer vending machine. For personal use of course.

Clearly, Airbnb hosts all over Canada are killing it. So it’s no wonder this industry is growing so quickly in Canada.

And think of how many Americans will come up north following the Trump victory. OK, I’m kidding, but “moving to Canada” Google searches spiked post-election. Just saying.

Alongside the rapid growth in home-sharing, there are also innovative services that cater to owners of short-term rental properties. For instance, over the past few years we have seen several Airbnb property management services, like Host Kick, come online.

The goal of Airbnb property management is two-fold: increase income and free up your time. Simple as that.

Let’s see what an Airbnb property management company like Host Kick can do for you.

Airbnb Property Management At A Glance

One of the biggest benefits of Airbnb property management is that they worry about the cleaning for you. Following each guest departure, Airbnb property management companies will enter your property and clean it to the standard you would expect in a hotel. Kind of cool no?

Host Kick takes care this type of housekeeping so that your spare time isn’t spent on repetitive chores.

One of these chores includes laundry and restocking your rental with essentials such as toilet paper, soaps, linens, etc. With most Airbnb property management companies, these are all taken care of by professionals.

Guest queries are also an important part of managing an Airbnb rental. No more do you have to be available 24/7 to answer questions. At Host Kick for example, we handle all of these queries on your behalf so you aren’t bothered at all hours with demands and questions.

“Where’s the closest gluten-free vegan café dude?” is not something you’ll hear anymore from Anton. He told me his spirit animal was an elk, but an elk would have been much cleaner than Anton.

Airbnb property management companies like Host Kick arrange key exchanges and explains the amenities of your rental to guests. We also provide local advice for your guests because we know the city so well!

Our Airbnb host clients spend mere hours – if not minutes – on a weekly basis managing their rentals. This, in turn, gives them free time to do the things they want to do. 

Checking In Is Easy With Airbnb Property Management

Let’s step back and consider a guest’s experience from start to finish. A guest searches for an Airbnb rental at the most reasonable price without sacrificing convenience.

Hosts benefit from Host Kick’s behind-the-scenes work because we have already analyzed your property’s location, competition, and the seasonality. All of this with the ultimate goal of ensuring optimal pricing.

Simply put, a guest books and the Host Kick services listed above kick into high gear.

Bookings, questions, and key exchanges go as smooth as clockwork as the guest arrives. If any questions arise, Host Kick provides 24/7 service to answer questions regarding simple things like where to park, and other house rules.

What to do with recyclables, how does the television remote work, what channel is HBO, and other questions that you’ve answered a million times are all taken care of by your competent Airbnb property management company.

Checking Out Relieves Stress With Airbnb Property Management

When it comes to checkout time, your guest returns the keys to us and receives tailored departure information depending on their method of travel.

Host Kick also deals with inconvenient check-out times, changes to guest plans, and the inevitable cleaning and restocking.

You will appreciate Host Kick especially when your property is a vacation rental, because vacation rental locales are often far from your primary residence.

No longer will you scramble to see if there is damage to your property before your guest leaves.

As for these unpleasant issues, such as damage and theft, Host Kick deals manages them on your behalf.

Automation Is Key To Successful Airbnb Property Management

By automating your rental with Airbnb property management services, you have taken a wise step in avoiding burnout. You don’t need to worry about the daily grind of check-ins, cleaning, answering questions, handling problems, and dealing with needy guests.

Further, with our price optimization services, your income will also increase. 

Check out these and other awesome Host Kick services today. What are you waiting for? Free up your time and increase your profits, what’s not to like about that?

Host Kick Team

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