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The Best Montreal Property Management Service

After Airbnb hosting a few times, you’re surely comfortable with the process. Fielding inquiries, answering guest queries, providing local information, cleaning your home/room, and making sure everything is perfect for your guests’ stay. After all, you want that 5-star review!

Or, maybe you haven’t tried Airbnb yet, but are considering it as a potential income opportunity. Either way, you need to consider the tools available to help Airbnb hosts make their small businesses as profitable and automated as possible.

This is why many hosts are turning to Airbnb managers to help free up their time. Putting a professional manager in charge ensures an amazing guest experience with little-to-no effort on the host’s part. And, when it comes to Montreal property management, no one does it better than Host Kick.

If you are a seasoned Airbnb host, then you appreciate that attracting guests and maintaining your rental can be rewarding, but extremely time-consuming. So how can a Montreal property management company like Host Kick help? I’m so glad you asked.

Montreal Property Management: Who Uses Host Kick?

Host Kick is a Montreal property management company that specializes in short-term rentals, like Airbnb. Hosts across the city are discovering that partnering with Host Kick has freed up their time, increased guest satisfaction, and even put more money in their pockets. But more on this later.

Airbnb hosts are increasingly finding ways to automate routine tasks such as pricing, scheduling, cleaning, and guest interactions. But, as a one-person army, you can only do so much.

Unless you are Mrs. Doubtfire, then you can do it all!

As a specialist in Montreal property management, Host Kick can handle all of these tasks on your behalf. No more cleaning up after guests leave, or responding to frantic 3 am text messages asking the whereabouts of the closest Pizza joint.

So what exactly do you get when you partner with Host Kick? Let me explain.

Montreal Property Management Host Kick Services

Host Kick offers premium quality services to Airbnb hosts. First of all, Host Kick analyzes your property to check for areas of improvement such as listing description, photos, and much more.

Property Analysis

For instance, if there are any upgrades or decor changes that you can do to increase your rates and bookings, we will suggest them to you free of charge. After all, we work for you and want to help your property stand out from the rest. And by rest, we mean the 2 million other Airbnb listings worldwide, and the 13,783 in Montreal! 

Pricing Tool

Next, we review and analyze your rates. As the premier Montreal property management company for Airbnb listings, we chart the competition in your area and suggest optimal prices per night. Our recommendations are not absolute, they vary by time of year, day of the week, and length of stay.

To increase occupancy, our Dynamic Pricing software connected to your listing helps generate 40 percent more revenue for our Airbnb host partners. Think about that for a second; you could be earning 40% more with our help!

Marketing Services

With Host Kick marketing services, over 25 different rental listing websites will also receive your listing for consideration. Why limit yourself only to Airbnb when there are many other alternatives out there that can help you fill vacancies?

All Guest Inquires

For the day-to-day management, any incoming inquiries can be handled by us, because we realize that your time is valuable. Host Kick fields inquiries, respond to potential guests, and engage with current guests throughout their stay at your property.

Ongoing Guest Communication

A superior Montreal property management service such as Host Kick provides 24/7 personal responses to booking requests and any questions by current guests.

For example, a guest would like to go out to dinner at a local restaurant and the cuisine must be Indian. It was the food they ate on their first date…don’t ask, it’s a long and tedious story, we can handle that for you!

Because we are the best Montreal property management firm, Host Kick knows the city of Montreal intimately. We help your guests have the best Montreal experience, and the resulting positive review for your hospitality is priceless. Oh ya, and the 5-star rating!

We also clarify house rules to make the guest’s experience as seamless as possible.


Finally, and best of all, the best service provided by Host Kick is that we coordinate with housekeeping professionals who refresh linens, clean, and perform inspections for damage or theft. 

Would you be rather doing this?

Or this?

No more cleaning for you when you hire a Montreal property management firm like Host Kick. We take care of everything for you so you can sit back, relax, and watch HBO shows all day (isn’t Westworld awesome?). I mean, watch your profits increase.

Host Kick stands out as your top Airbnb host resource because we free up your time and increase profits. No longer will you need to think about tasks such as pricing research or cleaning, because Host Kick does all the work for you.

So come partner with us, and learn what Host Kick all about!

***Full Disclosure: We do not employ Mrs. Doubtfire, but if you know how we can reach out to her, I mean him, please contact us here.***

Host Kick Team

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