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Looking to Summer Sublet in Montreal? Introducing Host Kick

Now and then, life throws us a curve ball. You may be called out of Montreal for a short-term job opportunity.

You may need to care for an ailing parent in another province.

Or, you could even appear on “Jeopardy!” and wind up having the longest winning streak in history.

When circumstances require a temporary absence from home, subleasing or subletting your place is an ideal solution for covering your costs.

Property management companies find renters, negotiate prices, communicate with temporary tenants and handle maintenance issues.

When you need to sublet in Montreal, and ensure your property is in good hands, turn to a professional company like Host Kick.

Sublet in Montreal: Finding a Renter

There are ample outlets for advertising your sublet in Montreal, but are you up to the task of screening prospective tenants? Property management companies have capabilities that you don’t.

We can analyze the market in which you live, and choose the best websites for your advertisement.  

We’re amazing at showcasing your property in its very best light. Don’t even get us started on the importance of staging.

Sublet professionals like Host Kick also cover the phones 24/7 to answer prospective renters’ questions. 

On your behalf, when a sublet application comes in, we will perform background checks, consider credit history, and verify the tenant’s ability to pay.

Sublet in Montreal: Negotiating Price

At Host Kick, we have powerful pricing software at our disposal. No, not the same as IBM’s Watson, but that was a great Jeopardy episode!

Our tools can assess local Montreal competition and recommend a reasonable asking price. If there is time, we can even suggest improvements that will up your chances to sublet your place at an optimal price.

In short, we know what we’re doing. You can say, we are the Chuck Norris of Montreal property management.

There are a few special considerations we would like you to consider that have a bearing on price when you sublet in Montreal.

Some free advice!

Let’s say that you’re off to Italy for a two-month holiday. You’d feel better if someone were in your place keeping an eye on things and watering the plants. You may have trouble subletting for such a short time unless you keep the cost low.

If you’re storing the sofa, dining table, and TV while you’re gone, you shouldn’t expect a tenant to pay what they would for a fully furnished place. These are two different price points, so keep that in mind.

Up front, you need to decide who’s responsible for paying utility bills, and adjust rent expectations accordingly.

The beauty of hiring a property management company to run your sublet in Montreal is that, well, all of this is taken care of on your behalf.

Sublet in Montreal: Responding to Tenants

A management company is the tenant’s contact while you’re away. Not you.

Companies like Host Kick keep a detailed copy of your instructions for things like setting the alarm and operating the finicky stove.

We will field all the renter’s questions for you and even act as concierge by recommending neighborhood restaurants and activities.

Sublet in Montreal: Dealing with Maintenance

Property managers handle maintenance headaches so you don’t have to. Simple as that.

For minor problems, Host Kick will either work with your landlord, or arrange for repairs directly. You’ll be contacted in the event of an emergency, but let Host Kick sweat the small stuff.

A leaky faucet shouldn’t interrupt that beach-side appletini!

For major repairs, property managers have established connections with reputable contractors. And, as regular customers, we often qualify for discounted prices.

You no longer need to scour the local phone book or asking friends in a frenzied panic. We’ve got you covered.

No one ever said that life’s curve balls can’t result in home runs. Avoid a strikeout by letting Host Kick handle your sublet in Montreal.

***This message is Chuck Norris approved***

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