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6 Facts You Need to Know About Airbnb Property Management

You’ve decided to rent out your place on Airbnb. Congratulations!

I remember the pleasure of looking at my first Airbnb property and seeing just how perfect everything looked.

The nicely made bed that would make a drill sergeant proud, a spotless kitchen, the well-placed chocolates on pillows, and small hand soaps in the bathroom.

And it only took me 3 hours of prep!

Don’t even get me started on my listing – an instance of wit at its finest – and my gorgeous photos.

That fine piece of real estate would have made Donald Trump blush.

Thanks Mr. President!

All your hard work paid off, and you are starting to bring in some serious Airbnb side-income.

But Airbnb hosting is no small task – there is so much that goes into Airbnb property management.

Going forward, the way you manage your Airbnb, can make a huge difference in your life.

This could be the difference between a steady, and rather passive, income, and hours of unnecessary hassle and frustration.

Most entrepreneurs like yourself lead busy lives. And that’s OK!

This has led many hosts to consider the possibility of Airbnb property management.

What’s it all about? How much does it cost? What can I expect? Is it right for me?

These are all great questions.

When it comes to Airbnb property management, Host Kick is quickly becoming a leader in this space.

As such, we want to share six notable facts about Airbnb property management to help you decide if it’s right for you.


Cleaning: it’s more important than you’d think

As you probably know already, juggling a high volume of guests, checking in and out, can be challenging and time-consuming.

You obviously can’t be in two places at the same time. Needless to say, you could definitely do with a helping hand from a cleaning company, right?

Airbnb property management company Host Kick takes the burden of cleaning — before and after a guest stay — off your plate.

Host Kick works with trained and screened cleaners who specialize in short-term rentals.


Inquiries: keep ‘em organized

Promptly replying to inquiries from your guests is of the utmost importance, your Airbnb rating depends on it. A lot!

Responding promptly speaks volumes about how serious, and reliable, you are as a host.

But then again, work and family commitments can get ahead of you at times, so you may not be available to chit-chat 24/7.

That’s exactly where Airbnb property management comes in.

Companies like Host Kick will make sure to respond to every guest, or potential guest, inquiry at all hours.


Pricing: need help?

Alright, so let’s say your Airbnb hosting is five stars.

You’ve also got the perfect listing and a bunch of great photos to go with it.

But how exactly do you establish its worth? More importantly, how do you decide on the optimal price you should rent the Airbnb property for?

Host Kick boasts specialized software that runs algorithms on your Airbnb listing to analyze optimal pricing based on a bunch of variables. Ya, it’s super sciency.

Our programmers are badass!


Promotion: unconventional is better

As it goes with every business, it’s always good when the expectations of the guest are met by the host.

Exceeding them is even better!

But, to do that, the interests of potential guests needs to match whatever the host has to offer.

That’s why you shouldn’t only rely on the Airbnb platform for promotion.

You’ve done all the work setting up your listing, why not expand your customer exposure and promote on other travel sites?

Host Kick can solve this issue, as we market your properties on other websites too.

Needless to say, expanding your exposure will attract a lot more attention and maximize your rental pool.


The House Guide: because everything needs proofreading

By now, you’re probably aware that your house guide should be thorough and straightforward.

In fact, your guests shouldn’t have to contact you at all if your home guide is complete.

But it’s not that easy to put it all together on your own.

So why bother, when a full-service Airbnb property management company can do it in less than one day?

Besides, Airbnb property managers know exactly what guests want to know and can ensure the home guide is 100% complete from day 1.


Inventory: a necessary evil …or not?

However unlikely it may seem, re-stocking your Airbnb property with cleaning supplies, detergent, soap, and similar items can add much more work, and money, than you’d expect.

Especially if you have a lot of guests!

Running out of essentials won’t make a good impression on guests, so this task is mandatory.

Host Kick can keep track of all these essentials, and re-stock as needed.

Further, Airbnb property management companies like Host Kick purchase these supplies in bulk, so it saves you money in the long run.

Host Kick also processes all the data and provides you with regular reports. This enables you to get a clear idea of what your expenses are (and help you come tax season!).

Keeping inventory isn’t exactly fun, but when someone else is doing it for you, it’s a whole different story.


Final Thoughts

The primary conclusion to draw from all this is that Airbnb property management goes a lot more smoothly when you’re outsourcing to a company that is specialized in this market.

Ultimately, why not make life easier both for you as a host, and your guests.

The folks at Host Kick are by far the most reliable and experienced, so you know who to call.

Do you think Airbnb property management is right for you? Give us a try; you won’t regret it.

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