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Host Kick — FAQ’s For Our Property Management Services

General Questions

What makes Host Kick different from other management websites?

What makes Host Kick different from other management websites?

For starters, we rent our homes to a very specific clientele — travellers.

Working with Host Kick is a one-stop solution to turn your investment property or primary residence into a fully functioning vacation rental.

What separates us from the rest from other vacation rental managers is the unique and personalized services we offer guests.

We generally work with property owners, Airbnb hosts, and property managers.   

Are owners able to use their own vacation rental?

Definitely! If you need to use your property for visiting friends/family, or simply coming back to town for the weekend, let your account manager know and the dates will be blocked off. You will even get to access to all of the features and services we offer guests.

Why should I work with Host Kick to market my property?

Host Kick is the one-stop solution to maximizing the potential for your property and offering a high quality service to guests.

Our team combined with our software tools enable us to automate the rental process making quality consistent, and our marketing tools allow the property to get major exposure.

How much does it cost to work with Host Kick?

We offer 2 types of cost models and both are outlined in detail below:

Pay-Per-Booking Commission — We charge an 18% commission per booking. There are no sign up fees and we only charge when you make money.

Fixed Rent Option — We pay you a fixed, agreed upon amount per month and our compensation is anything more than that amount. 

How does Host Kick choose new properties?

Each property in our collection is handpicked and professionally inspected in person by our team. Register your property and one of our agents will contact you to schedule an in-home meeting to asses your property and it’s features. 

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